TAIT’s Alaska A/B UST Operator Training

The State of Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation required all operators in Alaska receive training and become certified by 12/31/12If operators are not certified by this date, the owner and/or operator may be subject to penalties.  A record of each operator’s certificate must be kept onsite. Additionally, a copy of each Class A and/or B operator’s training certificate, along with a current Class A/B facility operator designation form, must be submitted to department’s UST staff ensure the facility’s records are properly updated. 

Picture from one of TAIT’s projects in Alaska

TAIT has trained over 6,000 A/B UST Operators in the classroom and online. Our online State of Alaska UST operator course also certifies students as Class C operators upon completion of the A/B training course. Our self-paced course allows you to start and pause the training as often as needed, and saves your progress as you work through the videos.  The training course has been approved by the State of Alaska, Department of Environmental Conservation, as a means for gaining Alaska Class A or B Operator Certification.

Our course teaches on these topics and more:

Our training course will educate the prospective Class A or B operator on the State of Alaska Regulations and USEPA Federal Regulations governing the operation of underground storage tanks. The course will prepare students to take the online Alaska Class A or B UST Operator Exam.

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) staff of the Industry Preparedness Program (IPP) provides technical and regulatory assistance on underground tank systems in Alaska. We are pleased to have worked with them to receive approval of our online course. Please contact us if you have any questions. We do offer a Bulk discount when you are purchasing the course for more than one operator. Be sure to ask Melanie about getting the discount!

View from one of TAIT’s projects in Alaska