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See TAIT at PEI / NACS – Atlanta, Oct 12-15

Come see TAIT  in booth #4552 at the PEI 2014 CONVENTION OCTOBER 12th – 15th, 2013

The Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA) has held its Fall Meeting as part of the NACS Show since in 1995 and the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) has held its annual meeting as part of the NACS Show since in 2002. In 2012, the NACS Show attracted more than 24,000 industry professionals from 65 countries — all seeking or offering the newest innovations, education and conversations about today’s important industry trends and issues.

As convenience and fuel retailing’s premier industry event, the NACS Show offers unmatched opportunities for buyers and sellers to come together, conduct business and learn from one another — all in an environment rich with new ideas and new partnerships.

TAIT enjoys participating in the shows and looks forward to them each year. One funny thing from last year was that my suit matched the carpet. No, really. I’ll add the picture below. Come visit us in Booth #4552!

Melanie matched the Carpet

Usually Melanie stands out in her Bright Red suit…

New Recommendations for Installing ASTs

AST systems continue to be important for commercial, emergency generator, agricultural and other similar applications. Especially in cases where there is room for them to be installed. When real estate is sparse, owners often must still rely on the more heavily regulated USTs. The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) issued a new recommended practice for installing ASTs. PEI/RP200: Installation of Aboveground Storage Systems for Motor Vehicle Fueling, went through its most  recent review and finalized the sixth edition of the document in March 2013.

Reading through the recent article in the PEI Journal regarding RP200, here are some excerpts that spell out the biggest changes from their 2008 version:

  • Improvements in Fire Safety
  • Electronic gauges for all kinds of tanks
  • Better structural integrity of tanks
  • Technical updates to conform with UL 142 on tank capacity, length and diameter
  • Steel Tank Institute performance references updated to new STI standards
  • Brand new Appendix C: side-by-side comparison of key requirements in NFPA 30A: Code for Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages and the International Fire Code that impact AST installation

PEI recommended practices have tremendous visibility and credibility. People want to be involved because it’s a chance to truly make a difference. TAIT’s Regulatory Affairs Manager, Brian Harmon was very involved in RP1200. We are pleased to support the community and stay abreast of upcoming regulations and recommended practices by participating and responding on issues.

Engineers and owners want a superior product and are willing to spend extra money for double wall aboveground tanks and double wall piping—again, even when they don’t have to. It shows that the industry is taking pollution and safety seriously—moving from “let’s get this done” to “let’s make  sure we do this right.” And that’s a good thing. – Kirk Mercer, CEO of R.W. Mercer Company in Jackson, Mich., chairman of PEI’s Aboveground Tank Installation Committee, has been involved since the beginning – 1992.

If you have any questions regarding installing ASTs, please contact us. We design, install, repair, test, inspect and remove both Aboveground and Belowground Storage Tanks across the nation. We are happy to help you consider your options and discuss individual situations. Contact us Today for more information.

Looking forward to PEI / NACS 2013!

TAIT eagerly anticipates attending this year’s PEI / NACS Show, which takes place from October 12 to 15, 2013 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

We will have a booth and will be meeting with current and prospective clients both from the environmental side of the house, Tait Environmental Services and from the architectural / civil side, Tait & Associates.

PEI / NACS is a great show we consistently attend, rated Top 10 again last year. Do you have plans to attend? Contact us now and let’s discuss how we can do business together, and perhaps plan a time to meet up while we are in Atlanta.

NACS has announced a series of new post-expo evening events such as:

  • NACS Show Kick-Off Party | Saturday, October 12 | 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
    Held on Atlanta’s “Restaurant Row,” the kick-off party will have planned entertainment and all attendees are eligible for a “Golden Ticket,” where winners will receive a limo party, spending money and access to exclusive parties all week. Tickets for the event are included in full registrations.
  • NACS Show Tailgate Party Sunday | October 13 | 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm  Attendees can stop by the Hall C lobby of the Georgia World Congress Center to watch NFL games and highlights on flat-screen TVs, as well as participate in onsite games and activities. Registration is free for all attendees.
  • NACS Show 2014 Launch Party | Monday, October 14 | 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm The Launch Party is also in the Hall C lobby of the GA WCC and will feature bands and other entertainment. The event allows attendees to learn more about other industry events that can help grow their business in 2014 and beyond. Registration is free for all attendees.

Chip Conley will be speaking at NACS this year. Chip is a best-selling author and acclaimed motivational speaker. He founded Joie de Vivre, California’s largest independent hotel company and America’s second-largest boutique hotelier, with over 40 unique and award-winning hotels, restaurants and spas.

Join us this year at the PEI/NACS show. We had a great time last year and look forward to it every year. Contact us to learn more.

Michigan UST Inspections and Line Leak Detectors

Michigan UST Inspections and Line Leak Detectors

Brian Harmon, our Regulatory Affairs Manager, confirmed the following Michigan  Regulatory Requirements. Here are some notes regarding Monthly Inspections and Line Leak Detectors. Do you have Underground Storage Tanks in Michigan? TAIT is a licensed Michigan UST Class B Operator that conducts monthly inspections, testing, repairs and even tank installations, removals, and remediation. When you have  tank compliance questions or needs, please contact us.

Monthly Inspections

The site will have to print out or log the monthly results from the type of release detection they have on site. Examples are:

1)      If the electronic monitoring panel is conducting monthly tank testing the results should be printed out.

2)      If the site is using Interstitial monitoring then a monthly Alarm History Report should be printed out.

3)      If the site is conducting Vapor Monitoring, Groundwater Monitoring or Visual  Monitoring then the inspection logs should be filled out monthly.


The location should have a log to identify any repairs conducted on the UST system and/or the Release Detection equipment.

All of these results and/or logs have to be on site when the Class B Operator conducts his inspection so he can verify the information or identify any issues.

Site personnel can print out the monthly electronic results or conduct any monthly inspections when properly trained. The state requires that a Class B Operator conduct an inspection at least every quarter. The inspection frequency can be shorter if desired.

Line Leak Detectors for pressurized lines

Pressurized lines have to have an LLD (mechanical or electronic).

They have to conduct an Annual Product Line test OR have sensors that trigger an alarm in every sump OR  have an electronic line monitor that can conduct a 0.08GPH test at normal operating pressure.

Also FYI, if a pressurized system has Secondary containment, has sensors installed in all sumps and UDCs AND  the sensors will shut off product flow when the detect any liquid (Fuel or water) then an LLD is not required to be installed.

To read all of the details, view the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Remediation Division Underground Storage Tank Regulations. If you have any questions on these Michigan UST Regulations and requirements, or other compliance questions in Michigan or other states, please contact:

Brian Harmon
Compliance Manager
Tait Environmental Services, Inc.
2131 South Dupont Drive
Anaheim, CA 92806
dir: 714-567-6413
fax: 714-978-2615

Inventive TAIT Employee Creates own Tools

One inventive TAIT employee, Tim Norman, found that he needed something different to do his job, so he created it!

Tim Norman with the tool he designed and built

Tim Norman is a Certified Tank Installer and Remover and acts as the B Operator for many of our UST clients in Texas. He joined TAIT in 2012, and boy are we glad to have him! Tim is certified as a Texas A&B Supervisor, B Operator in Texas and Louisiana, with Pneumercator, INCON, has HAZWOPER, the list goes on, and says what he enjoys most about the job/working for TAIT is his boss in California 🙂

Tim determined the need for this tool when he had to remove a 250 pound lid with a screw driver and pry bar. Entrepreneurial and a do-it-yourself kinda guy by nature, rather than requesting a new tool, he designed one himself! This is just one of the many reasons we are so proud to call Tim part of our TAIT team.

Tim Norman, Texas B Operator for USTs

If you see Tim driving around within a few hours of the Dallas metroplex while you are out and about, wave or say hi! We love meeting people out in the field.

TAIT’s Newest Office – Bismarck, ND has Opened!

Tait & Associates, Inc. (TAIT) announces the opening of a new Civil Engineering and Land Surveying office in Bismarck, ND to better serve the growth of the region

11/1/2012 – Tait & Associates, Inc. (TAIT) is pleased to announce the opening of its newest office in Bismarck, North Dakota. The office is positioned to best serve the critical infrastructure and land development needs facilitated by the development of the Bakken oilfield. Professional services provided from the office will primarily include civil engineering and land surveying.

Richard Tait, President of TAIT remarked, “We are particularly excited to contribute our services in building this highly strategic region of our country.”  The recent development of the Bakken oilfields continues to stress existing infrastructure and housing of the traditionally agricultural state. Mr. Tait says his company is well-positioned to help deliver professional services for well planned growth.

“We have deep roots in oil exploration and in North Dakota. My father and founder of the company, Dr. Kenneth E. Tait, PE,  headed the team that located the first oil well in Libya. Also, much of our senior management staff is from North Dakota and very familiar with the region.”

The office will be headed by Tracy J. Letzring, PE.  A 25-year veteran of TAIT, Mr. Letzring returns to his home state after serving the company in California and Colorado. Mr. Letzring delivers a balanced portfolio of public, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects to the office. In addition to civil engineering and land surveying, the office will also provide project management and environmental services.

To learn more about TAIT and the products and services they provide, please call Melanie Nelson at 214-531-9377 or visit www.TAIT.com

Contact Information:
Tracy J. Letzring, PE, LEED AP, SCDP
Tait & Associates | Tait Environmental Services
2718 Gateway Ave., Suite 101, Bismarck, ND 58503
Call 701-989-4401 or email tletzring@TAIT.com

Tait Regulatory Affairs Manager Plays Critical Role in new UST Reference Manual

Brian Harmon, Tait Regulatory Affairs Manager, played a key role in authoring the newly published PEI Recommended Practice 1200.  For the past two years, Brian collaborated with a team of Underground Storage Tank experts to develop this new resource for the UST owners and operators throughout the nation.  The content of this manual is especially significant due to proposed EPA regulatory changes.  According to PEI, “the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed far-reaching regulatory changes that would require that key UST system components be periodically tested/verified to ensure their integrity and adequate performance. PEI/RP1200 provides a concise summary of general guidelines for the inspection and testing of leak detection, release prevention and overfill prevention equipment at UST facilities to complement those proposed regulatory changes.”  More information can be found at www.PEI.org/RP1200.

Tait Regulatory Affairs Manager plays critical role in new UST Reference Manual

Brian Harmon listed in PEI’s RP 1200

As part of the PEI Overfill, Leak Detection and Release Prevention Equipment Testing Committee Brian was instrumental in creating this new publication entitled Recommended Practices for the Testing and Verification of Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment Equipment at UST Facilities. It is available through the Petroleum Equipment Institute at this link.

PEI is a trade association located in Tulsa, Oklahoma with member companies located in all 50 states and more than 80 countries whose members manufacture, distribute and service petroleum marketing and liquid-handling equipment. Here is a link to PEI’s presentation from the Tanks Conferrence. Click on the image below to see the whole slideshow.

PEI - RP1200 Presentation

PEI – New Practices Slideshow

Will you be attending the 2012 PEI Convention? Join us, Tait Environmental Services will be at Booth #4818 October 7th – 10th, 2012. Please contact us so we can coordinate spending some time with you before, during or after the show. We look forward to meeting with you! You can email Brian Harmon directly in advance of the show with any questions you have.

Arizona A/B UST Operator Training Course Online

Tait offers Online Training to become an Arizona A/B UST Operator

Register Now for A/B UST Operator Certification in Arizona. The deadline was August 9, 2012!

Arizona’s Waste Programs Division protects public health and the environment through oversight, investigation and cleanup of soil and groundwater contamination caused by releases from USTs. Arizona’s State Legislature Title 49 – The Environment, Chapter 6 – Underground Storage Tank Regulation, was updated based on the EPA’s Operator Training Requirements.

The Online Arizona Class A/B UST Operator Training Course is designed to train and certify Arizona Class A and B Underground Storage Tank Operators. This self-paced course allows the student to start and pause the training during its delivery. The course must be completed within 6 months of its start. The course utilizes visual aids and audio commentary to facilitate the efficient and comprehensive learning of the subject matter required to meet Arizona’s state regulations ARS § 49-1083 for an UST Class A or B Operator. The training course has been designed according to the Training Guidance for Operators of USTs by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), as a means for gaining Arizona Class A or B Operator Certification. Click Here to Register for Online Training. Select Arizona from the drop down menu.

Arizona’s Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program,  established in 1986 and administered by the Arizona department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), is designed to prevent, detect and clean up releases of petroleum and other hazardous substances from USTs into the groundwater, surface soils and subsurface soils.

Arizona State Legislature Chapter 6 Articles 5 institutes an operator training component of UST regulations, designed to ensure that operators have the appropriate knowledge regarding the operation and maintenance of UST systems. Arizona’s H.B. 2425 also created UST operation certification designations that take effect August 9, 2012.

The AZDEQ defines Class A, Class B and Class C Operators as:

  • Class A operators – individuals have primary management responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and recordkeeping of the facility.
  • Class B operators – individuals have a daily responsibility for the operation, maintenance, and record keeping of the facility.
  • Class C operators – individuals have daily responsibility for the initial response to an alarm or other indication of an emergency caused by a release or suspected release.

You can read more about the definitions in the Arizona State Legislature 49-1081. Arizona A/B UST Operator training is valid for up to three years unless retraining is required by ADEQ in response to non-compliance and in accordance with ARS § 49-1083(D).

We do also offer Class C Operator Training in Arizona. Click Here to Register for the Class C UST Operator Training course. Class C courses are discounted when purchased in bulk. Please contact Melanie Nelson for details.

We are not just a training company, but a full-service petroleum storage tank services company with over 46 years of history.  Our firm is able to conduct inspections, test, repair, design, install, or remove systems, in addition to serving as UST operators where the need arises. TAIT began as a civil engineering and environmental consulting firm in 1964, offering a variety of development services with a strong dedication to quality.  Today, our family-owned, multi-disciplined firm offers a complete array of services to public and private clients.  More specifically, we offer environmental investigation and remediation, fuel system design, compliance management, construction administration, civil engineering, surveying, architecture, planning, and entitlement services to our diverse client base.

TAIT has been training UST operators ever since the requirements were developed in California. To date, we’ve trained thousands of UST operators.  And we bring our vast knowledge of regulations in California, the nation’s toughest regulatory environment, to our library of training programs.  TAIT has trained thousands of UST operators in several states and we are adding more all the time.

NACS Show 2012

NACS Show 2012 in Las Vegas

Are you going to the NACS Show? The Petroleum Equipment Institute hosts the nation’s largest equipment and convenience store trade show in Las Vegas October 8th – 10th. Save the date and come see us at the show! We will be in Booth #4818.

TAIT UST Inspections and Testing Across the US

Inspection Locations Across the Southern United States

Inspection Locations Across the Southern United States

TAIT Environmental Services is expanding throughout the United States in an effort to help clients address the new Class A/B UST operator training and inspection regulations promulgated by the 2005 Energy Policy Act.  To address the Energy Policy Act, each state has developed their own regulations for UST operator training and in some cases, inspections.  TAIT understands the regulations in each state and is acutely aware of their impact on UST owners.

For many clients, TAIT has assumed the role of the “Class B UST Operator” and is performing routine inspections and “Class C Operator” training at UST sites throughout the United States.  TAIT has performed more than 40,000 UST operator inspections in the past 6 years on behalf of our clients.

TAIT has developed a web-based system for performing inspections on a Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform called TAIT Environmental Compliance System (TECS) Online.  TECS allows for complete web-based management of inspections,  forms, documents, and records.

Contact Scott Brehmer for more information about our inspection services and TECS Online.

First Illinois UST Operator Online Training

If you’re an owner of underground storage tank (UST) in the State of Illinois, you will be excited to hear that our Online Class A/B  UST Operator Training and Certification Course has officially been approved by the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal and is officially online and ready to go.

The M-PACT show earlier this year was a great opportunity to show our training and discuss it with A/B UST Operators ready to take the training. Melanie enjoyed meeting many new contacts there, and we look forward to attending next year.

To order the Online A/B UST Operator Course, go to PST Instruction. If you need to train multiple operators, Melanie Nelson  is ready to discuss bulk discounts on the classroom and online training courses. We are also able to accept credit cards over the phone, purchase orders, and invoice companies ordering multiple training courses.

Here is a demo of our Illinois Class A/B UST Operator Online Training Course:

The online training is self-paced, meaning you can pause the training, and the system will remember where you left off, so that you can continue the training later.  The training is approximately 4 hours in length (2 hours for training and 1.5 hours for the online exam).