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Operator Training TX Classroom Courses 2015

2015 Texas A/B UST Operator Training

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Next Upcoming Class: Abilene on June 16th Register Online or call 972-680-5120

Here is the current schedule of the date/s that are available for Texas AB Operator Classroom Training Sessions.

This Calendar was updated 6/24/2015, and lists the Dates and Locations of our planned UST Operator Training courses* – and shows Availability 

* If a class has been scheduled, but less than 10 attendees have registered within 72 hours of the class date, that class will be cancelled, and registrants will be moved to the next available date for UST Operator Training in their area.

Don’t see your city on the schedule? It probably will be or is a private class. Austin? Houston? Crockett? Others?

We also provide private classes and will come to your location for groups of 20 or more, or possibly with a minimum of 15 students if you are providing the location/facility and drinks/snacks/lunch for the class. Please call me to reserve a date or if you have any questions about the Texas A/B UST Operator Training: Melanie Nelson 214-531-9377 or you can email me at mnelson@tait.com.

The Deadline is Approaching

Most UST Operators were trained by the Wednesday, August 8, 2012 – DEADLINE. The course must be re-taken every three years. To secure their re-training session, many companies are beginning to schedule their Classroom Training dates even though they have months left before their deadline. We are happy to add additional classes, and are currently collecting contact information from individuals so that when we have enough for a class, we will schedule one. Please email mnelson@tait.com with your Name, Email Address, and Phone Number, along with the number of people that will be attending with you (and their contact info if you have it).  Contact us for details and to schedule a Texas A/B UST Operator classroom training session. Don’t wait for your UST Operator Training Certificate to Expire, REGISTER NOW
TX UST Operator Classroom Training Testimonials

UST Training course for AB Operators in Texas

UST Operator Training in Texas, TCEQ Notifications Mailed Statewide


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality required AB UST Operator Training be completed by August 8, 2012. TAIT traveled across the state holding training courses, and still offers courses online or in the classroom for groups of 20+. The TCEQ has recently begun to send letters to over 10,000 UST facility owners regarding their compliance with the UST Operator Training requirements. They track compliance with the training requirement through the Self-Certification process – requiring owners to list the names and training certificate number or a copy of the certificate be included with the annual filing.

We are well versed in the Texas UST regulations, and regulations for other states across the country. More than a training company, we are a licensed UST installer/remover in Texas, and across the US – when there is a difficult fueling scenario or compliance issues, TAIT is the go-to company. TAIT makes it easy to meet the training requirement:

Click here to register online http://pstinstruction.com/collections/all/products/bulk-discounted-ust-operator-online-training

Call us to register via phone: 972-680-5120 

Here is a screenshot of the ordering system. When ordering multiple training courses, TAIT offers a discount. Ask us how we can coordinate your training program today!

UST Training course for AB Operators in Texas

EPA has requested the TCEQ verify the compliance rate since the TCEQ could only provide information that about half of the UST owners had proven compliance with the training requirement.

The TFFA, our training partner along with 360 training, prepared Regulatory Alert #546  so TFFA members could forward the information and the Regulatory Alert to their customers that own and operate underground storage tanks. It is likely the TCEQ will soon target enforcement against those facility owners who fail to respond to the agency’s letter.

334.603(b) – states 72 hours:Owners and operators of underground storage tank facilities (except unmanned facilities) must maintain required training certification documentation as described in §334.603(b) of this title (relating to Acceptable Operator Training and Certification Processes) on-site and must provide it upon request to a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) or TCEQ-authorized investigator. Documentation may be maintained electronically off-site if that facility has the capability of producing a clear printed copy which can be provided to a TCEQ or TCEQ-authorized investigator within 72 hours of the time of the investigation. Owners and operators of unmanned facilities must provide documentation as requested by a TCEQ investigator or TCEQ-authorized investigator.

Adoption of the Texas UST Operator Training

TCEQ Approved UST AB Operator Training Course