EPA’s Proposed Revisions to the Federal Underground Storage Tank Regulations

EPA has proposed revisions to the federal underground storage tank (UST) regulations.  The changes include key provisions of the 2005 Energy Policy Act including UST Operator Training and Secondary Containment.  Additional requirements for periodic operation and maintenance include walkthrough inspections and required testing for spill and overfill prevention, secondary containment, and release detection equipment.  The revisions also address previous deferrals for emergency generators and other special-use USTs.  These revisions will affect all UST stakeholders. 

The proposed revisions are open for public comment until February 16, 2012.  You can submit your comments via email, mail, hand-delivery or you can make comments using the internet.  If you want to discuss the impacts on your UST facilities, contact Brian Harmon (BHarmon@TAIT.com) or Andy Tait (ATait@TAIT.com).